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At the core of our belief system are 3 words : AMBITION, DREAMS and INNOVATION; and our practice areas revolves around these 3 beautiful words. We partner with ambitious private and corporate clients to help them achieve their dreams via innovative financial solutions. Our work largely revolves around real estate and infrastructure capital. We focus on cross-border financing solutions and help capital seekers meet investors from our established network of relationships across Europe, Asia, Middle East, the UK and the USA. We are now growing our practice, entering newer markets in Africa and Latin America with a view to provide access to under-served regions. We welcome you to join us in this ambitious journey.

Latest News


EB-5 Regulations Summary

As previously blogged (see EB-5 Regulations Published for Public Inspection), the EB-5 regulations have been published..

icon July 25, 2019

H-1B: Bill to scrap per-country green card cap blocked again, report says

On Wednesday, the U.S. senator sponsoring a contentious bill to throw out per-country green card limits warned that a particular colleague might object to it when he brought it to the Senate on Thursday.....

icon September 27, 2019

Brexit – Immigration: How Will Plans to End Free Movement Affect Your Current and Future EU Workforce?

The Home Office has recently issued a factsheet indicating that freedom of movement as it currently stands will end on..

iconAugust 22, 2019

ECONOMY: Cyprus tightens criteria for golden passport scheme

In an effort to deflect criticism from the EU and other international bodies over its Citizenship by Investment scheme..

icon August 22, 2019

Immigration Data Shows Shift To The UK From US For Wealthy Chinese Investors

Newly published immigration data has now shown a shift in the location being preferred by rich Chinese people for their migration and investment plans...

icon September 12, 2019

UK work visas for foreign graduates to be extended to two years

International students are to be offered a two-year work visa after graduating from a British university, the government will announce....

iconSept 10, 2019

H-1B visa: Work-ban rule for H-4 spouses of H-1B workers could come in spring, feds say

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says a rule banning spouses of H-1B workers on track for green cards from working could be published in the spring, at the earliest.....

icon September 17, 2019


Join us for our 2nd webinar on European Residency & Citizenship where we talk about settling in Europe, tax advantages for trading with member countries of the European Union, Trust & Estate Planning and more... Hear from our power-packed panel on 30th May 2020 at 10 am BST (UK Time):

  • - Mr. Georgiou K Georgios : Member of Parliament, Famagusta Constituency, Cyprus
  • - Mr. Parsegh Zartarian : Director of EU Investments, Aretha Capital Partners
  • - Mr. Haig Varbedian : International Sales Manager, Q Properties Development Group
  • - Mr. Apostolos Pappas : Managing Partner, PBP Law Firm
  • - Mr. Richard Melton : Director, Vistra Cyprus
  • - Ms. Maria Georgiou : Advocate-Partner, Georgios K Georgiou LLC
  • - Ms. Andria Koukounis : Director-Law, EY Law
The webinar will be moderated by Mr. Ashish Saraff, Founder of Aretha Capital Partners


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