United Kingdom

Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also known as the United Kingdom, is a union of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This country boasts of having the roots of most of what we see in the modern world, whether it be education, science and technology, transport or democracy. Once the world’s largest monarchy, the British empire covered almost 25% of the world and its population. Thus the phrase was coined, “the sun never sets on the British empire”. Today, the United Kingdom is a vibrant, multi-cultural country with London as its capital. The city of London is welcoming, rich in culture and heritage, highly cosmopolitan and boasts of a robust economy and judiciary. It is often humoured as the city with every skin colour in the world possible. The United Kingdom has some of the oldest educational institutions in the world, some dating back to 12 th and 13 th century. It is where Oxford and Cambridge belong and they have since benchmarked global education.

Why the world loves Great Britain


The British pound sterling is one of the strongest currencies in the world, and London is the heart of global finance. Since the beginning of modern times, London has been the centre of trade.


Home to the Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the United Kingdom has some of the finest education institutions in the world. Public schools at primary and tertiary levels are free to residents and have the highest standards. Some of the best private schools in the world Westminster, Kings and St. Pauls are here.

Culture and History:

The UK houses some of the world’s finest monuments, museums, and architectural landmarks. Its music, and thriving art scene makes it a ma jor draw for the cultural aficionado. Steeped in history and rich cultural heritage, the United Kingdom was home to Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Tennyson, and many more.


English, is the primary language across the country.

Public Healthcare:

Every resident has access to the National Health Service – a free healthcare programme, not many countries can match. Besides this, the country is also a world leader in medical research and has some of the finest private and public hospitals in the world.


Home to iconic sporting venues including the Lord’s, Wimbledon and Wembley stadium, the country has always been a great supporter of professional sports and community fitness.

Tier-1 Investor Program

The UK Investor visa scheme is a highly attractive immigration category. The scheme allows an investor and their family to live in the UK if they have investible funds of at least £2 million. Unlike virtually all other immigration categories, there is no English language requirement at entry stage. Investors and their family are allowed to live, work, establish a business, study and retire.

Key Requirements

Minimum € 2Mn
Minimum Age
18 years
Must Haves
Funds held consistently for 2 years prior to application

  • • or supply specific evidence of the source of funds UK bank account at the date of application
  • • And a wealth management firm regulated by the FCA Funds must be freely transferrable to the UK

  • • Advisable to have the funds in the UK

Spouse/partner and any children under the age of 18
Permanent Residency
Indefinite Leave to Remain in 5 years
  • • Fast Track in 3 years if you invest € 5 Mn

  • • Fast Track in 2 years if you invest € 10 Mn

Investment Period
Until the grant of Indefinite Leave to Remain
Investment Requirements
We will advise based on circumstances
Stay Requirement
Absences from the UK of no more than 180 days per year for Indefinite Leave to Remain
Other Requirements
Test of knowledge of English language and life in the UK at the Indefinite Leave to Remain stage